Discover step-by-step guides on how to download and set up your Procreate files, navigate the interface, and utilize the tools and features to their fullest potential.

Unlock the secrets of jewelry design with JewelKitPro Tutorials and unleash your creativity like never before.

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1. Getting Started with JewelKitPro

A step-by-step guide to downloading and installing the Procreate app, setting up your workspace, and accessing your JewelKitPro files.

2. Navigating the Procreate Interface

Learn how to navigate the Procreate interface, including understanding the different tools, layers, and brushes available.

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3. Using the Kits Elements

Discover how to use our pre-designed elements to assemble stunning jewelry pieces. Explore different combinations, layouts, and arrangements to create unique designs.

4. Customizing Jewelry Designs

Learn how to modify and personalize jewelry designs using Procreate's editing tools. Adjust colors, sizes, shapes, and details to match your creative vision.

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5. Creating Custom Elements

Dive into the process of creating your own custom design elements by combining existing ones. Get your creative juices flowing to come up with brand new elements using the kits.

6. Advanced Techniques

Take your jewelry design skills to the next level with advanced techniques such as adding a shadow to make your piece look more tri-dimensional, blending, and adding that extra sparkle.

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7. Exporting and Sharing Your Designs

Discover how to export your jewelry designs from Procreate and share them with clients, colleagues, or on social media platforms.

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