JewelKitPro Full Kit


The JewelKitPro Full Kit is the pioneering and most comprehensive library designed exclusively for jewelry designers on Procreate.
It offers a vast collection of high-quality components, enabling you to create intricate and stunning pieces with ease.


– The widest collection of design files designed for Jewelry Design
– High-resolution components for detailed, professional designs
– Seamless integration with Procreate
– Perfect for crafting custom, high-quality jewelry

Elevate your design process with the JewelKitPro Full Kit, and bring your most ambitious ideas to life with ease and precision.

This library contains 70 files ranging from:
– 3D rendered diamonds and gemstones
– Gouache rendered diamonds and gemstones
– Settings like prongs, bezels and halos
– Ring Shanks
– Chains
– Findings like clasps, toggles, bails and jump rings
– Metal sheets and bars
– Charms like motifs, letters and numbers
– Virtual Try-On elements like an ear and hand simulations

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