Design smarter,
not harder.

Discover JewelKitPro - the innovative digital solution that empowers you to create exquisite jewelry pieces with unparalleled speed and precision.

Why JewelKitPro?

Design 10x faster with no drawing skills needed.
Design anywhere, anytime on your iPad or iPhone.
Turn your sales team into designers in your boutique.
Overcome creative blocks and design on the spot.

The process

  • Browse through the Kits

    Choose, purchase and download your preferred kit.

  • Learn how to use your Kit

    Access our video tutorials to learn how to use the kits and build your own jewelry designs.

  • Create your jewelry pieces

    Let your creativity flow and design pieces of jewelry in no time.

Our Kits

Engagement Ring Kit

This kit includes everything needed to craft exquisite engagement rings, featuring a wide array of ring shanks, diamonds, and gemstones.

JewelKitPro Full Kit

Get the full first and most extensive library designed specifically for jewelry designers using Procreate providing a vast array of high-quality components.

Discover JewelKitGenius, our AI-Powered Jewelry Design Assistant.


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for awhile ☺️☺️😍😍

Amazing!! Game changer for clients!!!

JewelKitpro kits made my sketches much faster and more fun 🤩

Fast, intuitive, and limitless! Can’t design without it anymore! 😍

WOW! I’ve never seen an easier way to design live with my clients! 😍

Thank you for making my workflow much quicker!

Thank you for making things easier and faster 🥰

I’ve implemented JewelKitPro in my boutiques with my staff and they are designing live with the clients custom jewellery pieces everyday! The orders keep coming in! I’m loving how fast this is making our workflow 🤩😍

Enrol in the JewelKitPro Training Program

Unlock the full potential of JewelKitPro and Procreate with this comprehensive training course by JewelKitPro Academy.

Looking for something specific that you can't seem to find in our kits?

Contact us for a custom-made kit tailored to the design elements of your brand or the specific jewelry parts of your collection.

With our customized kits, you'll be able to design unique pieces for your clients and even assemble their jewelry right in front of them, giving them a visual of their finished product in just a few seconds. Let us help you bring your vision to life with our personalized and innovative approach to jewelry design.

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