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Hello there !

My name is San Kim ,I’m a jeweller and founder of KUSI KIM in Melbourne, Australia.

I have over 18 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry as a designer and maker. In 2018, I launched my own label, KUSI KIM.

We specialize in modern heirloom jewelry and wedding pieces. As most of our work is made to order, deep communication with our customers is crucial. Everyone has different styles and designs, so we use JewelKitPro during our on-site design consultations. It's a simple and efficient way to capture customers' ideas and bring them to production smoothly.

I also use JewelKitPro in my personal time to explore designs on the go. It's extremely convenient to use anywhere.

I highly recommend JewelKitPro to anyone in this trade. This digital drawing tool has been invaluable for my jewelry consultations and the manufacturing process.

I want to express my profound gratitude to the JewelKitPro team for transforming my job into an easier and more enjoyable one. My thanks cannot be overstated.

San Kim
Founder of KUSI KIM
Melbourne, Australia.

JewelKitPro has been incredibly helpful for me and my clients. 

As a jewelry designer, I use it extensively for custom orders, especially for personalizing pieces with birthstones and specific colors. 

The app makes the design process easier with its user-friendly tools and allows me to show customers sketches of their custom pieces. It’s a great app that I highly recommend for anyone in the jewelry business.


Maria Mouawad,
Founder and Designer of Maria Mouawad Jewelry
Beirut, Lebanon.


I’m a jewelry designer, and this year I took a big step by starting my own business. It wasn’t easy, but I faced my fears and made it happen. I truly believe that starting a new business isn’t just about one person—it’s about the support and collaboration of many.


For me, JewelKitPro has been an essential part of my journey! I create all my designs using the Procreate app, and we all know how much time it takes to draw a stone perfectly and how crucial that is for the final look of a design. JewelKitPro has saved me so much time and has inspired me to create even more. Now, I can play with shapes, sketch basic designs during client meetings, and better understand their preferences because I design based on their life stories.


Thank you, JewelKitPro! I can’t wait to see what new features you bring us. Wishing you a very happy birthday and a successful journey ahead!


Founder of HANIYEH
Dubai, UAE.


JewelKitPro tools are enjoyable and efficient.

They add value to my creative process with clients and lift up my drawing skills on Procreate allowing me to save a lot of time.

I think what I love the most about this app is being able to play around with its tools using my imagination to create visuals for each collection ❤️


Founder of Joyce Rouhana Jewelry
Doha, Qatar.


I have been using JewelKitPro for almost a year now and I can’t say enough good things about this product and company. 

To start, I love the variety of options available for different designs. Even better, Nayla keeps adding to the library without taking away the older options. The JewelKitPro Academy is also a big help. 

Second, the pricing structure is fabulous. Starting designers are able to stay within a budget as you can buy different kits.

Thirdly (and what I think is the most important) is the customer service. I have been in contact with Nayla and she is a star in every way possible. Always responsive and extremely helpful anytime I’ve had a question.

Cannot recommend her and her company enough.


Founder of My Jewellery Concierge
Doha, Qatar.


Voici j’aimerais partager mon bonheur d’avoir acquis le programme JewelKitPro. J ‘ai d’abord suivi les cours avec la créatrice du programme et maintenant je l’utilise pour mes créations de bijoux et lors de mes rendez-vous clients.

JewelKitPro est un outil précieux et très convivial.

Vraiment je le recommande et si malgré tout vous avez une question on vous aidera immédiatement 👌

Fondatrice de Rosely Jewels.
Bruxelles, Belgique.



Here I would like to share my happiness at having acquired the JewelKitPro program. I first took the courses with the creator of the program and now I use it for my jewelry creations and during my client meetings.

JewelKitPro is a valuable and very user-friendly tool.

I really recommend it and if you still have a question they will help you immediately 👌

Founder of Rosely Jewels.
Brussels, Belgium.

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