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Gemstones Kit

Create stunning jewelry with our carefully selected collection of gemstones.

Settings Kit

Easily set your gemstones with our collection of settings for a professional look.

Findings Kit

Add the finishing touches to your jewelry pieces with our assortment of findings.

Rings Kit

Design and create your own unique rings with our selection of ring components.

Metal Kit

Bring your jewelry designs to life with our high-quality metals, from plaques, to motifs, to links...

Chains Kit

Choose from our variety of chain styles and create stunning necklaces and bracelets.

Charms Kit

Customize and add personality to your jewelry pieces with our charming collection of charms.

Gemstones 2.0 Kit

Use our 3D rendered gemstones to create more realistic looking pieces.

Virtual Try-On Kits

Visualize and refine jewelry designs on our 3D rendered body parts.

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Looking for something specific that you can't seem to find in our kits?

Contact us for a custom-made kit tailored to the design elements of your brand or the specific jewelry parts of your collection.

With our customized kits, you'll be able to design unique pieces for your clients and even assemble their jewelry right in front of them, giving them a visual of their finished product in just a few seconds. Let us help you bring your vision to life with our personalized and innovative approach to jewelry design.

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